OBS Symposium Posters

Over 40 poster titles were submitted for the 2015 OBS Symposium. Those who sent their posters to kasey@iris.edu are listed in order by the presenting author in the links below.

Abe, Y. Effects of sediment layer and shallow portion of the oceanic crust on waveforms of BBOBS's in the northwest Pacific ocean (two slides)

Arnoux, G. Seismic constraints on the magmatic-hydrothermal reaction zone beneath the Endeavor segment of the Juan de Fuca Ridge

Audet, P. Receiver functions using OBS data: Promises and limitations from numerical modeling and examples from the Cascadia Initiative

Bayrakci, G. Continental hyper-extension and mantle exhumation at the ocean-continent transition, West Iberia: New insights from wide angle seismic

Beaudoin, B. Managing onshore-offshore data with PH5

Bodmer, M. Seismic anisotropy beneath the Juan de Fuca plate system: Evidence for hetrogeneous mantle flow

Bohnenstiehl, D. Patterns of microseismicity at Axial Volcano using data from the OOI Cabled Array Network

Byrnes, J. Structure of the lithosphere-asthenosphere system beneath the Juan de Fuca plate: Results of body wave imaging using Cascadia Initiative data

Chen, C. Shear velocity structure of the crust and upper most mantle across the Mariana Trench from ambient noise

Chen, Z. Microseism source direction from noise cross-correlation

Eilon, Z. Seismic attenuation across the Juan de Fuca plate from ridge to trench to arc

Jaiswal, P. Hydrate imaging using full-waveform inversion of OBS data from GC955, Gulf of Mexico

Janiszewski, H. Imaging the Cascadia subduction zone with surface waves

Kohler, M. The ALBACORE OBS array and a 3D seismic velocity model offshore southern California

Moyer, P. Resolution of earthquake source spectra from ocean bottom accelerometers at Gofar transform fault, EPR

Orcutt, J. Autonomously deployed deep-ocean seismic system: Communication gateway for ocean observatories

Sheehan, A. Array observations of the 2012 Haida Gwaii tsunami using Cascadia Initiative absolute and differential seafloor pressure gauges

Vanderbeek, B. Seismic evidence that oblique mantle divergence causes segmentation of mid-ocean ridges

Zietlow, D. Teleseismic P-wave tomography of South Island, New Zealand upper mantle: Results from the MOANA ocean bottom seismic experiment