2017 OBS Symposium

September 18-19, 2017 Portland, Maine

The 2017 OBS Symposium will be held September 18-19 in Portland, Maine. Registration is now open. Details on hotel bookings, travel, and speakers will be announced via the OBSIPtec mailing list and made available on this website.

Speakers will include:

  • Emilie Hooft - University of Oregon
  • Paul Johnson - University of Washington
  • Ross Parnell-Turner - WHOI
  • Colton Lynner - University of Arizona
  • Brandon Shuck - UTIG
  • Anne Sheehan - University of Colorado Boulder
  • Gail Christensen - UTIG
  • Catherine Rychert - University of Southampton
  • Xiaowei Chen - University of Oklahoma
  • Suzanne Carbotte - LDEO
  • Natalie Accardo - LDEO
  • Karin Sigloch - Oxford University
  • Jennifer Harding - UTIG

…and more to be announced.

The 2017 OBS Symposium is organized by the OBSIP Management Office with guidance from the following Steering Committee: 

Jackie Caplan-Auerbach
Western Washington University

Robert Reece
Texas A&M University

Yang Shen 
University of Rhode Island

Del Bohnensteihl
North Carolina State University

Heather DeShon
Southern Methodist University