Presentations that have been made available by the speakers are listed in the links in order of presentation. The full schedule can be viewed below.

Dedication to Kirk McIntosh

Tréhu, A. Forearc crustal structure and slip during subduction zone earthquakes: results from recent OBS experiments offshore Chile

Sheehan, A. Hikurangi Ocean Bottom Investigation of Tremor and Slow Slip (HOBITSS)

Carbotte, S. Evolution of the Juan de Fuca Plate across the plate interior

Gao, H. Three-dimensional Variation of the Slab Geometry in the Cascadia Subduction Zone

Shuck, B. Seismic structure of the lithosphere in the ENAM area from wide-angle OBS data

Lynner, C. Seismic imaging along the eastern North American margin: dynamics and structure

Kohler, M. Towards a Global Open Ocean Seismic Array: Working Group on Long-Term Seafloor Seismographs (WGLTSS)

Bao, X. 3D Fréchet Kernels of Component-Differential Traveltimes and Z/H Amplitude Ratios

Janiszewski, H. Automated Noise Analysis and Tilt and Compliance Removal Designed for OBS

Parnell-Turner, R. Microearthquakes Reveal Compression and Plate Flexure at 13°N, Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Chen, X. Measuring earthquake source parameters in the Mendocino Triple Junction region using a dense OBS array: Implications for fault strength variations

Harding, J. Using wide-angle refraction OBS data to investigate the ultraslow-spreading Mid-Cayman Spreading Center, Caribbean Sea

Accardo, N. Active- and Passive-Source Imaging of the Weakly Extended Malawi Rift using Lake Bottom Seismometers

Hooft, E. Probing arc volcano magma plumbing: Initial results from the Santorini active source seismic experiment

Merz, D. Seismicity and Velocity Structure of Offshore Hawai`i, including Lo`ihi Submarine Volcano

Sigloch, K. Results of the RHUM-RUM experiment: Quest for a mantle plume

Goncharov, A. Australian National OBS Fleet expands horizons of conventional exploration

Miller, N., ten Brink, U. Earthquake and landslide hazard assessments for the Atlantic margin with passive deployments of short-period OBS

Wilcock, W. Whale Seismology

Johnson, P. Seafloor Evidence of Remotely Triggered Slope Failures & Turbidity Currents

Roland, E. AACSE: The Alaska Amphibious Community Seismic Experiment

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