The National Science Foundation (NSF) has announced that the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) will operate a new center to provide seafloor seismographs and technical support to the U.S. academic community beginning in August 1, 2018. The new Ocean Bottom Seismograph Instrument Center (OBSIC) will be housed at WHOI under a 5-year cooperative agreement, with John Collins serving as Director. The OBSIC replaces the Ocean Bottom Seismograph Instrument Pool. This OBSIP website is no longer updated and will be removed in July 2019.


OBSIPtec Mailing List.  The IRIS OBSIPtec mailing list provides a forum for the discussion of technical and operational issues relating to Ocean Bottom Seismographs, in particular, the instruments operated by and data produced by the Ocean Bottom Seismograph Instrument Pool.  Subscription information and archives are located here:

OBSIP Brochure

IRIS New User Short Course Presentations (June 2012)

Introduction to the OBSIP Facility (Don Forsyth)

Institutional Instrument Contributors 

     Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (Jim Gaherty)

     Scripps Institution of Oceanography (John Orcutt)

Passive OBS Targets and Instrument Factors I (Geoff Abers)

Passive OBS Targets and Instrument Factors II (Anne Sheehan)

Active Source Experiments (Kirk McIntosh)

OBS Experiment Planning and Execution (Doug Wiens)

Experiments with Portable Ocean Bottom Seismographs Workshop Report (June 2012)

SIO Annual Report Extract on 6 Hz Noise

OBSIP Prior Users' Retreat (Sept 2010)

IRIS Webinar:  Under the Sea:  Ocean Bottom Seismology for Landlubbers (Doug Wiens - March 2013)  Slides only

Additional IRIS Webinars are available at the IRIS Webinar Page