Geological, Puerto Rico-Dominican (GEOPRICO-DO) 

Survey of the Muertos Trough and the Seismogenic Zone North of the Virgin Islands

deployment map

deployment map


Uri ten Brink (USGS/WHOI)
Andres Carbo (U. Madrid)


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Figures from Granja Bruña et al., Marine Geology, 2009 article, click for source.

Experiment Summary

(Taken from Carbó et al., 2005, Caribbean Geological Conference Abstract): The Northeastern Caribbean Boundary Zone (Hispaniola and Puerto Rico zone) has been widely studied from 50's, but most studies have focused on northern Hispaniola and Puerto Rico islands (e.g. Puerto Rico Trench, Bahamas Bank, Mona Rift, (Mann et al, 1995; Dolan et al, 1998; ten Brink et al, 2004), very few studies have been carried out to the south, resulting in a lack of information. During April, 2005 a marine geophysics cruise aboard the Spanish Oceanographic Research Vessel “Hespérides” was carried out in this area of the Northeastern Caribbean Plate. In the project GEOPRICO-DO, which are coordinated by Univesidad Complutense de Madrid (Geodynamics Department, Geophysics Department, Spain) and Real Obsevatorio de la Armada de San Fernando (Spain), also participate the Instituto Español de Oceanografía (Spain), Universidad de Barcelona (Spain), U.S. Geological Service/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (USGS/WHOI), Puerto Rico Seismic Network (University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez), Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo-Instituto Sismológico Universitario, Red Sísmica del Instituto Dominicano de Recursos Hidráulicos and the Department of Disaster Management (Virgin Islands). The data acquired in the cruise were; multibeam bathymetry, potential fields (gravity and magnetism), multichannel reflection seismic, deep seismic sounding with record on stations on land and streamers and OBS`s.


3/28/2005 - 4/17/2005

10 WHOI broadband ocean bottom seismographs were deployed and recovered on board the R/V Hespérides.

3/11/2007 - 9/3/2007

5 WHOI broadband ocean bottom seismographs were deployed and recovered.


Data from all instruments deployed are archived under temporary network code YF and YI at the IRIS DMC.