Bering Sea

Bering Sea Active Source Experiment

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Ginger Barth Chief Scientist
Warren Wood Co-chief Scientist
Wayne Baldwin


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Experiment Summary

(Taken from science support plan): This project is part of the U.S Extended Continental Shelf Project ([url=][/url]) to establish the full extent of the U.S. continental shelf, consistent with international law. This particular leg will use marine geophysics in the Gulf of Alaska for the purpose of determining geologic framework, crustal nature and sediment thickness within and beyond the U.S. EEZ, from 2000m isobath (approx.) to 350 nm from the territorial baselines.


8/7/2011 - 9/4/2011

Deployment and recovery of WHOI ocean-bottom seismometera on board the R/V Langseth.


Data from all instruments deployed are archived under temporary network code 2B and assembled data set ID #11-016 at the IRIS DMC.