Gulf of Alaska (GoAlaska)


Gail Christeson (UTIG)







Map of planned survey (red lines),
offshore short period seismic deployment (yellow circles).

Experiment Summary

(Taken from the cruise report): Profiles OBS01 and OBS02 are located over sedimented 22-28 Ma oceanic crust in the Gulf of Alaska. Primary features observed in the bathymetry and magnetics (Fig. 2) are the Kodiak-Bowie seamount chain, the Aja fracture zone, and a disruption in the magnetics which is identified by Atwater and Severinghaus [1989] as a small wandering offset. Profile OBS01 is located near the trace of the small wandering offset; profile OBS02 crosses the Aja fracture zone and the Kodiak-Bowie seamount chain.


6/16/2011 - 6/22/2011

14 WHOI ocean-bottom seismometers were deployed in two lines of 7 instruments on board the R/V Langseth. One OBS was not recovered.


Data from the ocean bottom seismometers will be archived at the IRIS DMC under temporary network code 1B (2011) and assembled data set ID 11-017.