Short Period

Short period OBS instruments available through the OBSIP feature a 2 or 4-component system designed to be compact and easy to use for experiments requiring large numbers of instruments and/or rapid response. The general characteristics of these instruments include:

  • Vertical or 3 orthogonal seismometers
  • Hydrophone
  • 24-bit analog-to-digital convertor
  • Precision time base
  • Large capacity disk drive
  • independent acoustic release systems

Multiple sensors allow this to be a robust instrument for recording seismic data in both deep and shallow deployments on a variety of ocean bottom environments. With sample rates near 200-250 Hz, these instruments can be deployed for well over 60 days, while lower sample rate deployments can reach upwards of 6 months. Though optimized for large scale 2- and 3-D active-source experiments, previous generations of these instruments have been used in a large variety of passive-source projects (e.g. microseismicity, regional surveys).

The short period WHOI D2 and the SIO L-Cheapo each feature comparable characteristics and capabilities.