The Ocean Bottom Seismograph Instrument Pool (OBSIP) is a national facility providing instrumentation and operations support for NSF-sponsored geophysical research. OBSIP operations are manifested in engineering support, provision of instrumentation, offshore field support, and data processing and archiving. For NSF-funded, PI-led and community experiments, the ultimate goal of the facility is to provide timely and accurate OBS data uploaded to the IRIS Data Management Center for the scientific community. 

Each aspect of facility operations, from engineering to data dissemination, affects OBSIP's success in delivering timely and accurate data, and the quality of each step is therefore central to every aspect of facility operations. OBSIP's approach to delivering a quality end product - data - is therefore to incorporate quality into every aspect of the OBSIP facility, from engineering to operations to data processing. 

The OBSIP Management Office has started work on a comprehensive Data Quality Plan.  Please note that this document is a working document and will evolve over time as the plan is implemented. 

OBSIP Quality Plan v 1.2